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Web activities and technical expertise

Mat​hia⁠s S​chäf⁠er

Professional goals

In a strong partnership with clients and teammates, I seek to create useful, high-quality websites that communicate effectively and are pleasant to use. Websites that spread ideas, knowledge and opinions. Websites that come to life through their users and inspire them to shape the web.

I support user-centered design, web standards and open data. I advocate for a sharing culture among clients, users, developers and experts from different fields. Every day I learn something new and share my knowledge – in discussions, articles and talks. I experiment with new concepts and technologies to write and speak about them. I create technical tutorials, documentations and references.

I spread the idea of the web as diverse and vibrant medium with universal access. In my professional work I participate in the international web community, for example by contributing to open-source software.

Web activities

Software development skills

  • I design the front-end architecture of large-scale dynamic websites. I optimize the front-end performance for fast-loading sites.
  • I master complex CSS layout and know well-established CSS frameworks. I use preprocessors like Sass to implement responsive design across browsers.
  • I develop websites conforming to recent web standards as well as to the design principles of the web, like universal access.
  • I have years of experience in web usability and successful web communication. I have a sense for visual design and typography.
  • I develop server-side web applications in Ruby on Rails.
  • I have advanced skills in web server administration: Linux, Apache, nginx, Phusion Passenger, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • I am fond of version control systems like Git.
  • I write technical documentation and comprehensive articles on web technologies. I give technical support in web authoring forums.

JavaScript expertise

  • I am an expert on client-side JavaScript programming both for traditional websites and powerful web applications.
  • I design the architecture of scalable and maintainable JavaScript applications. I create guidelines for modular and robust components.
  • I write high-level, object-oriented and functional JavaScript across plattforms, devices and browsers. I optimize JavaScript code for performance.
  • I have a deep understanding of ECMAScript as well as browser APIs like the DOM. I deploy the latest ECMAScript features of in a backwards-compatible way.
  • I employ well-proven programming techniques and established JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular.
  • I am fluent in plain JavaScript as well as in TypeScript, the powerful statically-typed language that compiles to JavaScript.