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RuhrJS JavaScript conference, PottJS talk on Progressive Enhancement

RuhrJS JavaScript conference

On July 2nd and 3rd, the first international JavaScript conference in the Ruhr Valley took place: RuhrJS. And we had a blast! The conference was hosted by my employer 9elements and mostly organized by my colleague Madeleine. During the event, I was part of the “care bears”, taking care of the attendees’ safety and helping to enforce the code of conduct.

We’re glad that all worked out well and the attendees enjoyed the conference. I’m happy to say that there will be another RuhrJS conference in 2017!

PottJS talk on Progressive Enhancement

After having written several posts on progressive enhancement, I decided to speak about the topic to discuss practical questions regarding the usage of JavaScript. So I held a talk on progressive enhancement at the PottJS meet-up group in July.

The slides of my talk are available in German:

Slides des Vortrags: Progressive Enhancement – Robuste Websites entwickeln.

More articles on progressive enhancement: