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A comparison between Marionette.js and Chaplin.js

On the 9elements blog, I’ve published a thorough comparison of Marionette.js and Chaplin.js. Both are frameworks for single-page JavaScript applications based on the popular Backbone.js library.

As you might know I’m one of the authors of Chaplin.js. In early 2012, Chaplin was released as an example architecture and evolved into a full library during 2012. Read my article here:

JavaScript MVC frameworks: A Comparison of Marionette and Chaplin

As I said in my presentations before, my conclusion is that both frameworks are mature and full of good patterns. If you’re developing Backbone applications, you should learn from them to improve your application architecture. Even if you decide against Marionette and Chaplin, your Backbone application can still benefit from their patterns.

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