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Conference Talk: JavaScript Application Architecture with Backbone.js

On February 27th 2012, I will give a talk at the JavaScript Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. The sessions are focussed on HTML5-related APIs and JavaScript application architecture and will be held in English. The one-day conference aims at professional JavaScript developers, so the ticket fee is higher than community-driven meetups and BarCamps like the Multimediatreff I have recently spoken at.

In my talk I will present insights we gained during the development of several Backbone.js-driven JavaScript applications like and The official announcement of my talk:

JavaScript Application Architecture with Backbone.js

Several JavaScript libraries which implement the Model-View-Controller pattern recently gained attention. Only few of these libraries offer a superstructure which manages the individual models, views and controllers. It’s easy to set up a simple MVC example, but an application with multiple complex interfaces will need a sophisticated overall architecture.

The talk will start with the popular Backbone.js library as a basis, discuss its shortcomings and present a field-tested application architecture. As an example, the talk will show how to implement an OAuth-based client-side login via Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Even if you can’t attend the conference, you don’t have to miss my presentation. The 9elements and Moviepilot developers are working hard to generalize the application structure of in order to release it as an open-source framework on Github. Addendum: Chaplin was released on February 24th!

In addition, we’re documenting our conclusions about MVC application architecture in general and Backbone.js in particular. With these findings, we hope to move the JavaScript application development a bit forward. Stay tuned and watch out for announcements on IO 9elements and Moviepilot Labs.