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Recent activities: GED VIZ, JavaScript Web Apps and Object-Oriented JavaScript

GED VIZ – Visualize economic relations

For almost a year, we’ve been working on a huge JavaScript application: GED VIZ, a free online tool for visualizing economic relations. It’s made with Ruby on Rails and our application framework Chaplin.js. The data visualization itself uses SVG and Raphael.js.

On the 9elements blog, there’s an announcement post that explains the project: GED VIZ: An HTML5 data visualization tool. In addition, there’s a detailed post on the technical implementation: How we built the data visualization tool GED VIZ.

At the meetup on August 29th, I gave a talk on GED VIZ with a focus on the chart drawing. The slides are now online: “GED VIZ, An HTML5 data visualization tool”.

The Bertelsmann Foundation released GED VIZ as open-source software. The full source code and the input data is available: GED VIZ on Github.

Article: Why JavaScript web applications should embrace traditional URLs

On the 9elements blog, I’ve published the article Why JavaScript web applications should embrace traditional URLs. In a time where web apps easily surpass 1 MB of JavaScript, what should we try to achieve?

In my opinion, JavaScript web apps should use traditional URLs instead of “hash URLs” and other substitutes. At best, the server should return accessible HTML so the content accessible to search engines. As a consequence, Backbone.js, the well-known library for single-page web apps, should support the URL schema.

Read the article on JavaScript web apps

Talk: Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

At the PottJS meetup on June 27th, I gave an introductory talk on Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript. The talk covers basic rules for working with JavaScript objects. It explains primitive types versus objects, the Revealing Module Pattern and finally prototypes and constructors (pseudo-classes).

Read the presentation slides on JavaScript OOP